…for the perfect sunset…

Ok, so living on the east coast of NC, we usually vacation on the Atlantic Ocean. Which means, over the years we’ve got up early at our beachfront hotels to see the sunrise over the ocean. We’ve hardly ever seen a sunset over the water. Yeah, there’s Sunset Beach in Brunswick County, but it’s not the same.

So, my quest to see the perfect sunset over the Gulf started in Florida before we left for the cruise. We headed to a small beach near my sister’s house to see the sunset. It seemed like a perfect little spot and a few others had gathered to watch. But just before the sun reached the water, clouds covered it.

The first day at sea, after dinner and after the show, we walked out onto the deck at 8 pm and there it was – the perfect sunset. I saw it with my own eyes for just the few seconds as it dipped below the horizon, its glorious reflection shining across the water. After I fumbled for my cellphone, this is the shot I got. Of course, people around me said, “There’s always tomorrow.” Right…

Watch the slideshow of Day 4.

I was sure we had this one.

Interesting side story: While watching this pretty, but not perfect sunset, we noticed the Carnival Dream flying by us. They had been following us to all the ports up to this point. The next day we found out they had flooding on one floor and were headed to the next port pronto to handle the problem.

The last night was actually cloudy – so I didn’t even bother. All those evenings of rushing through dinner or a show to rush to the deck in my quest for the perfect sunset photo… Oh well, we saw some beautiful sunsets anyway. And, there’s always tomorrow.