Key West

Train or Trolley?

Ok, so we get off the ship in Key West on Day 2, not sure what to do next. I knew I couldn’t do any walking, so our choices were the Hop on-Hop off Trolley tour or the Conch Train tour. The Conch Train just went thru the old part of town, but was promoted as having more historical information than the Trolley. So we decided to go with the train. I don’t know what I was thinking because I should have asked which was the more comfortable ride.

As it turns out, the streets were horribly bumpy and the little train was an awful rough ride. Only about 10 minutes in, I was sure my back was out. That was going to be a long 90 minutes, but of course there was no getting off the train, because I couldn’t walk.

The other annoying part was our driver/tour guide. She talked non-stop in a sing-song voice with all her memorized stories. It might have been interesting if it wasn’t so annoying. Aside from that, the architecture was beautiful, and I especially was amazed by the trees. That’s why you’ll see a lot of photos of the trees.

Ok, I have to stop and explain that last photo. If you look close, you can see some of the famous Key West chickens. They roam the streets freely; we saw them everywhere. Here’s the story behind that, if you’re interested.

Here’s a short video clip on the tour. Maybe you can see what I mean about the non-stop yakking. Got old way before our 90 minutes was up.