Costa Maya

Last Port

Puerto Costa Maya, Mexico was our last port. It was a pretty port, but boy was it sweltering hot.

There was not really a town nearby. It was basically a fake small Mayan village built just for the tourists. In fact, it looked like some fake Mayan ruins built around the area. We saw them later from the ship.

The pier was literally a mile long – I was so glad there was a trolley halfway. We enjoyed last minute souvenir shopping and making new friends…

They put on a re-enactment of some Mayan Indian ceremony where these guys climbed to the top of this tall pole and jumped off, hanging by ropes, doing tricks as they descended upside down, flying in a circle.

Here’s a little video clip.

New Friends!

A highlight of our day in Costa Maya was meeting this couple, Thomas and Cheryl Brown from Richmond. We had sat down in a little drink stand to have some water and cool off. Struck up a conversation with this couple and really hit it off.

After 20 minutes or so, I kept thinking these must be brothers, so I was just about to mention that we used to attend conventions in Richmond, when Cheryl said something about their ministry. We said are you guys Witnesses? There was hugging and laughter and I know people around wondered what in the world? Come to find out they were just 3 cabins down from us this whole time and we just met them the last port.

Relaxing by the pool with beautiful flamingos!

Swim with dolphins nearby.

This little Mayan guy carved initials in a silver ring we got for Kris.

I wanted to do the fish spa – where the fish nibble the dead skin off your feet- but the line got too long and we were hot and tired.